Monday, October 08, 2007

101 reasons not to trust the media

Normally the saying goes that a distrust of the government is healthy. And I do agree with that statement completely. However the "government" is not just the WH, and those that need a closer eye tend to hang forever, term after term, in the halls of Congress instead.

But in order to keep oversight on our government, we are dependent upon a trustworthy and unbiased media.

We have lost that oversight, folks. The media has evolved into nothing more than another political machine with an agenda. And we, the voters, are in deep shit. They miseducate us in order to solicit a specific electoral outcome. And that kind of power to reach and influence with no judicial repercussions is nothing short of terrifying to me.

The answers and truths are still available to us... but they take time to seek out. And most do not have the time to research, work, raise their families and be as well-rounded in the facts as they need to be prior to pulling a ballot lever.

Indeed, I have a whole category dedicated to media rants. But I have to enjoy the simplicity when I find at least 101 of them, nicely summarized in one article,
"Media Dishonesty Matters" by Randall Hoven. Here for you to read... just in time to be *really* scared out of your wits for Halloween!

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