Tuesday, September 25, 2007

More poll BS
The media with the most agenda driven headlines wins...

Another major analysis poll for global warming by man theorists... and another poll of the mostly uninformed.

BBC proudly touts the headline:

Man causing climate change - poll

Climate change is causing erratic weather around the world Large majorities in many countries now believe human activity is causing global warming,
a BBC World Service poll suggests.

Ask 22,000 people in 21 countries, and what do you get?

An average of 79% of respondents to the BBC survey agreed that "human activity, including industry and transportation, is a significant cause of climate change".

Nine out of 10 people said action was necessary, with two-thirds of people going further, saying "it is necessary to take major steps starting very soon".

In none of the countries did a majority say no action was necessary to combat climate change.

And just who were these 79% of people who pronounce man as the cause of climate change? And how closely are they paying attention? Again, the all country averages clarified by going to the *real* poll document...

Asked how much they have heard about climate change or global warming, seven in ten overall say that they have heard a great deal (35%) or some (35%).

A majority in 16 countries – including many developing countries – say that they have heard at least something about the issue.

In only a few countries do large numbers say that they have heard little or nothing, including Indonesia (65%), Kenya (53%), Nigeria (48%), and Russia (64%).

Again we start with a flawed database... a bunch of self-admitted "I dunnos". And this is an issue that few are equipped to deal with, as it's technical, scientific, historic and research detailed in it's foundation. Hang... even the great climatologist minds can't agree.

But there's a big difference between hearing "a great deal" and "some". That, however did not stop the BBC article and the poll summary from conveniently lumping the 1/3rd media informed and 1/3rd almost media informed into one big number to look like an impressive, knowledgeable majority.

Once more, only 6 out of the 21 countries had over 50% hearing "a great deal". Again, only about a 1/3. The two highest "in the know" individual countries were France and Great Britain. Even they were at only 62 and 61% respectively.

Starting on pg 8 of the poll PDF are the color coded country-by-country results. To give you a frightening example, only 32% of the Spaniards heard "a great deal", but that didn't stop a whopping 93% of them blaming man as the significant cause. And 91% of those well informed geniuses said that *major* steps were necessary.

Again... deep shit, folks.... sigh

The US citizens had 59% saying they heard a "great deal" about global warming - hard to believe, eh? With all the news stations and whatnow around, only 59%?? I guess they're too busy with those reality shows, eh? But let's go on. 71% believe it warming is caused by humans, but only 59% felt major steps should be taken. Oh yes... and 75% don't think less wealthy countries should get a pass on limiting emissions.

Hummm... Al Gore's work here is obviously not done... LOL

Canada had even less "great deal" responders than the US. Only 56%. But even more of them (77%) said man was at fault.

The poll questionnaire itself is also interesting reading. At least the first question was if they knew whit about the issue. But answering "no" didn't get you off the hook. Second question...

Do you believe that human activity, including industry and transportation, is or is not a significant cause of climate change?

Yo... how about the alternative being asked? ala...Do you believe the warming is part of Earth's historic cycle? But we'll never know the answer to that one. That one questions could have changed the whole poll results, and not proven very agenda beneficial.

The next question just assumed a yes confirmation of question #2:

As you may know there is some discussion these days about whether it is necessary to take steps to reduce the impact of human activities that are thought to cause global warming or climate change. Would you say that you believe that:

01 - It is not necessary to take any steps
02 - It is necessary to take modest steps over the coming years
03 - It is necessary to take major steps starting very soon

Well now, if the other alternative was a natural cycle on Earth, and that option wasn't offered up, then you were forced to pick one of the multiple choice answers. And since you only had a yes or no choice on #2, where else is there to go??

Oh yes, it should be noted that EVERY country believed that the wealthy nations (read the US, of course) should provide the $s and technology to the less wealthy nations for those *major* steps.

Naturally, the poll points out that those who have heard more about global warming favor major steps, and those who have heard nothing do not. Ya think? Duh wuh...

So it stands to reason that the truth of polls is what it has always been...

1: that the media with the most headlines supporting their "man causes global warming" agenda wins "the truth" game...

2: that headlines truly drive the opinions reflected in the polls.

3: and that we're lucky if even a 1/3 of poll responders pay any amount of significant attention to the issue, or even to the agenda driven media headlines.

As for me, what I derive after seeing poll after poll is the citizens of the world are in serious need of diverse education on the issues. And they aren't getting that from the media and their polls.

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