Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Clueless finally getting a clue?

"I have come to believe that calls for premature withdrawal may make it more difficult for Iraqis to solve their problems," Baird said in an interview. "If you have some guarantee of support, you have working space to reach out and involve the other side. If you think we are going to withdraw and chaos and civil war might ensue, then the decision is different.

"It's no longer 'Let's reach out,' but 'Let's prepare for the coming war.' That's a very different mind-set."

U.S. Rep. Brian Baird WA-D

Baird has also changed his tune on the Solomon'esque division of Iraq, the baby, into three secular portions.

And finally, the logic that has been escaping the MSM for so long, encapsulated in the following sage statement.

"When people say they want Iraqis to take over responsibility themselves, that's a reasonable expectation, but they neglect the context," he said. "We dismantled their government, their police force, their military, their border protection, their physical infrastructure, and we shut down countless businesses and left millions of people" unemployed.

"All of that happened just three years ago. We haven't been able to build Louisiana, and we aren't taking on sectarian fire."

No shit, Sherlock. One might also point out that the Iraqis have not had a gov't since 2003, as so many like to say. The current permanent govt officials have been in place less than two years.

Not to mention how ludicrous it is for the US Congress to be hurling barbs at the Iraq body of legislators about inefficiency and lack measureable success. Talk about pot-kettle ....

Kudos, Mr. Baird. I hope we find more of your strength in your party.

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