Friday, June 29, 2007

One more time - it wasn't just WMDs

Excellent recap of history from David Horowitz in FrontPageMagazine today. Naturally all will be discounted since Mr. Horowitz isn't a flaming anti-war liberal.
Always things to remember...
  • The lack of responses to increasing terrorist attacks on US interest prior to 911
  • The Iraqi Liberation Act in the mid 90s by Clinton and Congress, making it official foreign policy for regime change in Iraq
  • All intelligence pointed to Saddam's desires and potential harboring of WMDs

WMDs were the most logical route to international cooperation from the UN/NATO since it was the basis of 17 Resolutions, repeatedly ignored and thwarted by Saddam. However in the Congressional authorization agreed to, only two of the 23 "where as" reasons were devoted to WMDs. Twelve were devoted to Saddam's consistent refusal to honor the UN Resolutions.

Over the years, the liberals anti-war crowd has managed to twist and skew the truths, as well as Congressional culpability, in the Iragi regime change for political gain. All done with the willing aid of a biased media, bent on seeing liberal return to power.

And they want a resurrection of a "fairness doctrine"??? (at least the House got one thing right in a bi-partisan way...) The absurdity of it all is just mind boggling. Repeated accusations, reprinted with gusto by the PC, agenda driven media, has proven their abilities to rewrite even recent history. Me thinks they point the finger of "unfair" at the last bastion of dissent.


TrekMedic251 said...

The Iraqis taking out Chemical Ali should be the next reminder who had WMDs!

MataHarley said...

Me thinks, Trekmed, that it depends on the meaning of "is"... LOL.

Apparently the proscribed, discarded missiles UNMOVIC found in a Netherlands junk yard (that they confirmed were acquired by Saddam after 1998), combined with any of the nerve gases we've already found there, do not constitute a WMD to those that parse words. Must be nuke. Bunk

I wandered over to ex-CIA Larry Johnson's blog where he discounts that latest London car bomb as much ado over nothing. Says 50 gal in a car with nails = an Escalade (and one poster added the SUV would be owned by a carpenter.)

Certainly cute and clever analogies that made me smile. I'll remember how inconsequential such a bomb is if I find one parked in front of my place. uh huh....

Evidently a bomb that only hurts a few as opposed to thousands is small potatoes. When did we put a number of deaths/injuries as a gauge to the seriousness of a terrorist attempt, I wonder? And what is that number? 10, 20... or does it have to be in the 100s and 1000s before it matters to those of that mentality?

The complacent in this nation utterly dismiss this enemy's existence and goals. Personally I view even an ineffectual terrorist with a bungled plan as still dangerous. There's many who are willing to help the inept radical improve on murderous attempts.