Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hillary don't "recollect" much....

"I have no recollection whatsoever of discussing any arrangement with him whereby he would support my campaign for the United States Senate in exchange for anything from me or then-President Clinton," Clinton said in the declaration.

"I do not believe I would make such a statement because I believe I would remember such a discussion if it had occurred," she added.

Excerpt of Clinton's declaration in lawsuit of Paul vs Clinton (& company etal)

Uh huh... and she sez this not once, but several times in the declaration.

But wait... stay tuned and see Hillcap's
Exclusive Preview of Hillary's speaker call to Peter Paul and Stan Lee. DOH! Turns out the Hollywood producer film decided to film his own historic moment and the Clinton call... that would be Ms. Hillary herself thanking Paul, Stan Lee and others on behalf of herself *and* "the President" for the promised (and consumated) megamillion fundraiser.

Unusual for a candidate to thank the host of such an event (one she didn't recollect talking about) and add that her husband would be oh so appreciative. Huh?

Or was it Paul, being cautious, wanted to make sure he had back up proof for the alleged Bill Clinton promise of being a future biz partner after leaving the WH (with cutlery in hand.... er boxes).

Gotta watch out for those Hollywood film/video types.... they cover their butts, it appears. And easy, cheap access to all the gear!

However since this and 89 other videos were confiscated by the US Atty's six years ago for another investigation, apparently the tape wasn't available to be used for evidence in this case. Lemme think. Would that be Bill's US Attorneys who did that? Why of course.... since Bush only recently fired any of the Clinton appointees.

Now that it's going to appeal, what will be interesting is if the appellate allows the video - formerly MIA for another case - to be introduced as new evidence. Right....

All I can say is, it sure makes for a more interesting viewing than the embarrassingly boring and unfunny Hill/Bill "Sopranos" imitation... And yet another example of business as usual in the Washington beltway.

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