Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pelosi & Reid's "America"

Citing polls as proof you're on the right side of an argument is often a symptom of intellectual cowardice. If the crowd says 2+2=7, that's no reason to invoke the authority of the crowd.

Jonah Goldberg, 4/24/07
"The will of the uninformed"

It's really depressing to look around and note that Jonah is on point with all too many facts in this column. The American voter is woefully under-educated in current events and civics... indeed, most may not even know what a civics class is about (non-military underwear, perhaps??). Hang, most are busy with their daily lives and only astute to issues that pertain to the same.

But in addition to being politically clueless to current events and the players, they are also passionate about those uninformed opinions. They are sheeple easily led by a corrupt media parroting political talking points as "news". They have no idea they are being used - dangled like marionettes by the Pelosi, Reid, Murtha, and Schumer (and ilk) to the world as a concocted proclamation of "the will of the American people". And politicians do not perform this ventriloquist act for the good of the country or the little man. They do it merely to perpetuate their own reign of power.

So read Jonah's article about the latest "polls" and take a good look at Pelosi and Reid's "America" - the "America" they use to define their policies and legislation. Read it and weep.

HUGE NUMBERS of Americans don't know jack about their government or politics. According to a Pew Research Center survey released last week, 31% of Americans don't know who the vice president is, fewer than half are aware that Nancy Pelosi is the speaker of the House, a mere 29% can identify "Scooter" Libby as the convicted former chief of staff of the vice president, and only 15% can name Harry Reid when asked who is the Senate majority leader.

An unfortunate reality here is the same uneducated population polled are busy out there every election day, pulling levers and making decisions for the rest of us.


Okay... disingenuous surprise there. Fact is, after reading so many blogs and venomous comments from posters of all sides, I can't say I'm surprised one bit at the intellectual level exposed by this poll.

But I'll bet those pollees know who Sanjaya is... and that's oh so much more important, don't you think?

Jonah goes on with more pertinent examples... those clueless as to whom holds office as VP of the US also say, with certainty, that Gonazales fired Iglasius and 7 other prosecutors for politics. But of course he/Bush did. That is all within legal bounds, and is an exercise practiced by every President before this. Did they also know those prosecutors were *hired* for politics as well? Probably not.

Then, of course, there is the ever-constant move by progressive socialists to destroy the Republic and mow down the rural areas by dismantling the Electoral College. The same who constantly scream "checks and balances" in government wish to remove the largest of checks and balances in a national election. With no Electorate, 9-13 states (the big city states...) is all that is necessary to elect a President. The rest of us who shunned urban areas can just stay home.

Now pardon me, but what's socialistic/democratic about less than 20% of all US States (we have 50 of them, ya know... for those American History challenged) possessing the power to decide who the leader of the free world is to be? Hummm... 9-13 states decide for 50. Yuh... that's democratic.

But then, dabble not with logic in a debate with a progressive socialist in America today. The steam that emits from the brain and ears might end up being a new regulated air pollutant sanctioned by the Supremes.

Today's Pelosi/Reid America is not the America where I grew as a child. None of us spit on "big oil". We marveled at what technology was achieved with the aid of the energy companies. A lot of clothing, plastics, sundry more products... all here because of oil.

We were encouraged to be the best we could be, strive for wealth as we chose. Now, being wealthy is to be a pariah - not an example of personal achievement in the land of opportunity.

This poll represents just another step in the decline of humanity in the USA. The complacent and deliberate blind eye to the dangers that surround us in a time where political Islam seeks our destruction. The rampant abhorrence to self-defense.. not only our military's defense of our nation, but the expectation that it is the job of others - i.e. the local enforcement officer - to protect our proverbial butts while we helplessly stand by - like Nellie tied to the train tracks, waiting for Dudley Do'Right to come to the rescue.

Yessum... a sad state of affairs to see such a large volume of Americans this clueless, this unwilling to fight to save our way of life - indeed so willing to distain the freedoms we have because it's too inconvenient in their day to sacrifice or shed blood to preserve those freedoms.

And they vote....

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