Monday, April 02, 2007

Iraq the Model on blogger rudeness

Got a big grin out of Mohammed's March 29th post, "Quoted and Proud". He's evidently had increased website traffic for Omar's quote in the WSJ, and used in a speech by the American CIC.

And with that increased traffic came
the predictable onslaught of venom from the I-hate-anyone-who-isn't-for-withdrawal Americans. Ah yes... the social decline of humanity and manners for our lack of human contact but thru the ethernet and anonymous user names. LOL

I would like to say a few words to the new visitors who are not so familiar with this blog. I have noticed that our traffic nearly tripled today and that most of the extra traffic is coming from pages talking about the recent speech by President Bush in which he mentioned a quote from our March 5 article on the WSJ…New visitors, welcome to ITM!

First of all we're proud of it. It's the ultimate ambition for a political blogger to have his or her words heard and better reach the desks of decision-makers.

Second I would like to make clear one point to bloggers like dailykos and some MSM supported blogs who seem so upset for some reason that the voice of some Iraqis is being heard.
I've seen some of them publish stories full of lies and accusations they can't support and I think it's pathetic to throw the "you're a sold-out propaganda" accusation at people just because they don't share the same point of view…This only reflects their lack of knowledge and the bankruptcy of ideas they suffer.

We speak the language of facts, supported by images and statistics and more important, we live here while they don't. We write about the good days as well as the bad days in Iraq's journey to a better future.
You don't even have to search in this blog's archives, just scroll down this page and you'll see both good and bad news—we witness an explosion and we write about it and we see progress and we write about it.
If they can't see that it's their problem, not ours.

I invite them to come visit my town, see what I see, compare it with what I write and then they can say whatever they like.

You tell 'em, Mohammed. And you did so with far more class that most exhibit. Kudos!

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