Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Media hides corruption affiliated with Dems

Notice anything missing in the Baltimore Sun's article today, "I'm a Rainmaker" on indicted State Sen. Thomas Bromwell? That would be the previous party affiliation, of course.

Were Bromwell a Republican, it would appear in multiple instances, driving home the constant that only Republicans own corruption.

Fact is, I didn't know Bromwell was a Democrat. In fact, I had to search high and low thru archive stories to find out his party affiliation. I finally found it in an article - pre indictment - when he was still chairing the State's Senate Finance Committee. Handy position of power, eh?

Again, this shows subtle media bias... much the same as Halliburton can never be mention in a story without the expected "Dick Cheney" association. Or Jefferson's cash in the freezer. Not much doing on that by the "oversight conscious" Congress, eh?

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