Monday, March 12, 2007

Halliburton bidding US shores adieu?

Halliburton knows it's not wanted here. Story after story where the media continues to identify the company with it's former executive, Dick Cheney, as a never ending slap on the wrist, has found a friendlier mecca for it's headquarters.

And that site is the place the hypersensitive, Arab hating Congress loves to abuse... Dubai. Remember that ports deal they stopped in it's tracks? It was a moment where the media deliberately failed to editorialize it's news in order to avoid the obvious - that being the hypocrisy of Congress. Afterall, the UAE represents all we want Iraq to become. A partner in intel, a player in world trade and economics, a more relaxed Islamic culture that isn't dedicated to violence and mayhem. UAE is a very western Middle East nation in their own style.

For more about the UAE lifestyle, read Gregory Katz's "Why Dubai?" out of the Houston Chronicle's London bureau today.

But, ya know, a modern Middle East nation still wasn't good enough. According to our Congress members and hysterical media, we couldn't have Arabs in charge of port security... despite their global impeccable performance and state of the art facilities. We were the only western nation to get up in arms over the deal. But don't even get me started with my wrath from those days.... Just search my "Dubia Ports" section if you want to get my own take on all the BS flying furiously in those days.

Now the laugh's on those Halliburton-UAE haters. The duo has joined up and, as ultra lib journalist, Jake Tapper, says...
the Dems are suspicious.

Really? Tell me something I don't know. Dems, Halliburton and "suspicious" are as synonymous as "wealthy" and "bad guy big business" are in this country. It's their constant state of existance.

"For one of the largest contractors with the United States government to move its headquarters overseas? [It] just doesn't look good, doesn't sound good, doesn't smell good," said Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.

That would be Chuck "I killed the Dubai Ports Deal" Schumer, of course. Well Chuckie... I "smell" another witch hunt on the horizon.

Naturally, there will be some other waste of time sort of Congressional hearing, wanting to know WHY they are moving overseas. Might I point out the obvious? The same reason most companies move. Safety regulations, union pay and contracts, and those "make the rich pay more" dodoheads in power at the Capitol Dome are driving business out of the country's borders daily. They just can not be competitive and still reside stateside anymore.

Fact is, it's a smart move for the most hated company in America. It's a winner for shareholders, closer to where they wish to broaden their oil horizons, and ya know... they just may be appreciated there. Unlike here in the States.

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