Tuesday, March 13, 2007

CA Dems feeding on their own...

Have to admit, this one gave me a smile this AM. Don Perata "disciplining" three of his own for daring to attend a fund raiser event for other "moderate Dems". The punishment he elected? No office access for you. He literally locked them out of their state Congressional offices! LOL

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. California looks best when viewed thru your rear view mirror!

Three Democratic senators were locked out of their Capitol offices Monday by Senate leader Don Perata as retaliation for attending an event to raise money to help elect moderate Democrats.

Perata, an Oakland Democrat, declined to comment on the action, but aides said he was punishing the three lawmakers for disobeying a rule forbidding members to show loyalty to what has been known as the "Moderate Democrat" caucus.

Perata's action highlights the rift in Democratic politics between liberals who hold leadership roles and more moderate members who tend to adopt more pro-business stands. It also illustrates how concerned Perata is of the leverage a handful of lawmakers could wield.

The three senators locked out of their offices were Gloria Negrete-McLeod of Chino (San Bernardino County), Lou Correa of Santa Ana and Ron Calderon of Montebello (Los Angeles County). All are newly elected senators who were active in the Assembly's Moderate Democrat caucus during their tenure there.

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Alia said...

Mata, I still get terribly homesick for the land of California. But! whenever I even remotely think about moving back, my brain shorts out.

Methinks the CA Dems are perceiving a nascent "surge" in California, and are utterly panicked.

MataHarley said...

Well now, mon ami... whenever you get than pang for "da cheeeeeese" of Calif, just go to Cinnamon Stillwell's "Anti-war's Miseducation in San Francisco" that appeared in yesterday's SF Gate. The "approval" of such a school book will remind you... there are few there with whom you can carry on a conversation!

One can not live on California "cheese" alone, eh?