Friday, March 30, 2007

To Our Americans Serving In Iraq

Latest YouTube posting (below) from Bob Parks of Black & Right. He runs the gamut... asking why we don't hear about the terrorist body count to historic quotes from today's "Out of Iraq" crowd.

Granted, the "anti's" will just parrot the usual mantra... "there aren't any WMDs". The wild notion that because there wasn't a waiting stash of evidence for the troops in March of 2003, it never existed. The naesayers' naivity in assuming there would be remaining evidence after several months warning of impeding invasion is staggering.

Saddam had plenty of time to remove questionable and sensitive materials, AND people, prior to the coalition's entry. His relocation of vast quantities of something has been noted and substantiated by UNMOVIC and US satellite photos of multiple caravans to various borders. A bunch of Sony Playstations perhaps? Feh...

Supporting the same theory of relocated underground WMD program evidence is
Georges Sada's book, Saddam's Secrets, who writes the evidence was moved to Syria and other countries.

Needless to say, what we don't know about Saddam's progress in reconstituting his WMD programs could fill a book. But with videos and recordings from his trial, the OFF scandal/monies, and documents obtained after we entered Iraq, we know of his quest to do so. Thus it would be foolish to assume "there never was any" merely because we have not found a nuke mounted on a missile.

Bob's 10 minute video has much to say, and is well founded in fact. He is eloquent, and produces these and his columns on his own dime because he cares. And I always enjoy his perspectives and presentation. Enjoy.

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