Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Arkansas Senator proposes "Secret" withdrawal date

Mark Pryor, Dem Senator from Arkansas, proposes a "secret" withdrawal date for Iraq. The only ones to know this secret would be Congress, the WH and the Iraqi govt.

ROTFLMAO! Congress or govt? Keep secrets??? Hello? Is Pryor new here? What a bonehead.

Every journalist would be working overtime to get that tidbit of news. And since most have demonstrated that national security comes second behind their "scoop", and pols have proven their quest for power and scandals is their top priority, it would only be a matter of time before the date would be deliberately "leaked".

An example of Pryor's naivety....

Pryor said a classified plan would be provided by the president, shepherded by Senate committees and ultimately shared with Congress and Iraqi leaders. He is confident that the plan would remain secret, because Congress is entrusted with secrets "all the time."

What if the president's withdrawal plan didn't include a deadline? Or what if it leaked, through leaders in Iraq, to insurgents?

All worth considering, Pryor said. But in the meantime, "at least you'd have a plan."

Some pretty strange elected pols hail from Arkansas.... must be something in the voters' water there.

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