Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Pacifist Congress misreading Americans?

I'm not one much for polls. But as they are everyone's lips on both sides as "proof positive" of an issue's angle... like the much touted "the voters want our troops out", bit... I thought I'd offer up the the results of latest poll from The Moriah Group.

To quote from the article summarizing the poll...

"The results show that attitudes toward the Iraq war are significantly more nuanced than other data leads you to believe, and it leaves a clear impression that Americans still really want to win the war, with many believing the war is part of the global war on terror," pollster Neil Newhouse wrote in an e-mail.


"To Republicans, this data indicates that Americans are willing to stand by as long as there is hope that the Iraqi government can get things under control down the road.

"To Democrats, these results are perhaps a warning that Americans don't believe that pushing the president on this issue is a good approach and that leaving Iraq in a hurry could potentially cause as many problems in the region as staying there," he said.

Nearly three-quarters of poll respondents said they care what happens in Iraq after the United States leaves. But 43 percent said a U.S. victory in Iraq no longer is possible, and 60 percent said Iraq will never become a stable democracy.

Really now? Why is the public, who is not privvy to military strategy and other daily briefings, so negative? Who would give them that idea, do ya think? Hummm... could it be a media and Congress with an agenda? Both of whom has been promoting only failure for years? It's also ironic that the polled public is deemed expert enough to confer such judgement.

I'm not sure what makes me more angry. The constant onslaught of BS from those who insist on quoting a crystal ball on this war's outcome, or elected officials and media who have absolutely no faith in our military or it's leadership? Either way, this "we are losers" attitude grates on my nerves.

But let's continue with the summary of the results, shall we?

However, 57 percent said they support "finishing the job" in Iraq by keeping troops there until the Iraqi government can control and provide security for the country.

Dr. Thomas Schwartz, a history professor at Vanderbilt University, said it is "clear that Americans are unhappy about what's happening, but they're not really sure yet what to do."

"There's just a general uncertainty about the best course of action," he said.

Fifty-six percent of respondents said Americans should stand behind President Bush because the country is at war, even if they have concerns about his war policies. Fifty-three percent said Democrats are pressing too quickly for President Bush to withdraw troops from Iraq.

Dr. Schwartz said voters will probably give President Bush another year to fix the problems in Iraq before Congress cuts off funding for the war.

"I think the clock is ticking, and the whole situation is going to be influenced by the events on the ground," he said.

Lest you think this is a one off, fluke poll, consider the Investor's Business Daily poll conducted Feb 5-11, 2007, which yields a similar snapshot. If, for some reason the link does not appear, Capt Ed at Captain's Quarters has the gif of the poll results at his site.

And there we have it. Congress is racing public opinion, trying to shut down the Iraq cause before success can possibly happen. Winning in Iraq does not fit into their 2008 Road to WH playbook.

All in all, it's business as usual in Washington. All about politics-power-agendas, and zip... nada about what is actually good for the US of A.

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