Thursday, February 08, 2007

NATO/ISAF exercise bold "extradition" method?

Pakistani tribesmen accuse NATO, Afghan forces of cross-border raid
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Considering how porous the Afghan/Pakistani border is with terrorist militant travel, and the local tribal leaders' lack of enthusiasm for turning in the terrorists, I can't blame NATO/ISAF troops for having a somewhat creative "extradition" agreement that includes just going and doing it. Frankly, I welcome it as a bold tactic.

But I will also be curious to see the fallout... despite it's favorable results in rounding up bad guys.

Islamabad - NATO and Afghan government forces have been accused of killing one man and injuring two others in an early- morning raid into Pakistani territory, a local official in a district bordering eastern Afghanistan said Thursday.

'Afghan forces accompanied by NATO attacked the Qamar Din Karez area at 7 a.m. on Wednesday,' Zhob district administrator Maulvi Habibur Rehman told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa, citing nomadic tribesmen who reported the incident.

The tribesmen met with Rehman in the town of Zhob in Balochistan province after taking the injured to a local hospital. They also claimed that the foreign forces took 11 more people back to Afghan territory.

The official was unable to formally confirm that there had been a border incursion but did not rule out such a possibility, saying 'the situation in the region is evident to everyone.'

Meanwhile, an ISAF spokesperson in Kabul said the coalition forces were aware of reported incidents around Zhob and that an investigation was underway.


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