Thursday, February 08, 2007

LA in "civil war"??

The mayor of the US city of Los Angeles has called for international efforts to deal with gang crime, saying his city was "ground zero" for Latino gangs. Antonio Villaraigosa told the BBC that many gangs across North and Central America were started from his city.

Regional police chiefs are in LA to discuss fighting the gangs, blamed for a spree of murder, rape and robbery.

Parsing of words in the English language... *the* most singularly popular basis for lawsuits by the PC crowd. It's the extreme scrutiny of words to create perceived "labels" deemed "offensive", and used to advance their pet cause within the US judicial system. Whether Democrat vs Democratic, the use of "articulate" when in reference to a man of color, and "man or woman of color" vs Afro-American or black. It seems that no matter how anyone refers to anything nowadays, there's some beef from some advocate group.

Okay. I'll bite. Two can play that word game. And here we go...

Baghdad is under assault from terrorist "gangs" who hold no elected positions and are on a spree of "murder, rape and robbery" in the city. That would be disgruntled Sunnis/Baathists, pissed off Shia militias, sundry foreign nationals including al Qaeda, and those from Syria, Iran, you name it. All generally battling to take over local areas and territory to control.

The media has blessed the use of the words, "civil war" as the definition of such "gang" warfare. Doing so enables easier and further bashing of the Iraqi freedom war efforts, plus provides ammunition for the "budget cut and run" Congress.

Using that definition as an example, one could also argue that LA gang warfare is also civil war - a war for controlling "territory" between citizen factions and establishing their own control. Many of these gang members are also "foreign nationals" here illegally.

With the the medias' definition, will we hear them say the City of Angels is in the midst of a "civil war"?

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