Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Condemnation and perspectives

A truly sad story...a young Iraqi woman on al Jazeera telling of being raped by Iraqi police, only to be rescued and treated by American soldiers.

The headline? Rape Accusation Reinforces Fears in a Divided Iraq

A few more headlines for you now...

Police Chief accused of rape in New Zealand

BRPD accused of rape in Baton Rouge, LA

Memphis Police Officer accused in rape of 15-year-old

State police officer accused of rape in Albuquerque, NM

I could go on and on... so many stories from so many places all over the world. My point? Welcome to the human race.

In all societies - free or oppressed - there is pond scum at all levels. And many of that low lifeform are in positions of authority. I can not say it plainly enough. Rape of the innocent by those in authority is always reprehensible.

However, does the unacceptable actions of three Iraqi scum bags, assuming they are guilty up front, constitute throwing away a fight for a free Iraq? Of course not.

Instead, welcome to the freedom to publicly accuse and broadcast such unjust action in Iraq. (shades of the Duke LaCrosse case??? Guilty before trial? But we won't go there...)

Fact is, there was a time not long ago when such an event would never have been possible on Iraqi TV.

However if Iraqis are looking for a perfect, uncorrupt gov't and a nation without crime... you'd better leave the planet. For you won't find it here.


UPDATE Feb 25th, 2007
Iraq the Model post, "Operation Baghdad: Week II"

As is oft to happen in free countries with a free press, it could be the accusations of rape were false as there is indication of backpedaling being done now. Mohammed, while updating us on Operation Baghdad's successes and drawbacks, weighs in the above referenced rape charges.

Without mentioning specific media broadcasts and data related to the rape charges, he alludes to retracted charges. Like many who hear something on TV and rush to judgement in the free world, the Iraqis just may have fell prey to yet another terrorist assault, using the new Iraqi media as their car bomb. However I'm sure that those seeing only doom and gloom will counter that pressure was applied instead.

Either way - an event that actually happened or a terrorist ruse - Mohammed echoes my sentiments above that a few bad apples... if there were any at all... shouldn't spoil the entire crop.

The other counterattack came sadly from within the government and parliament and used the media as a weapon through spreading allegations of rape to undermine the security plan. This attack, though not as deadly as poisonous gas, could be much more harmful on the long run.

Those allegations (some are being retracted now) were used to call for stopping the security operation in parts of Baghdad, and this in my opinion is not a justified call even if the allegations were true. I mean we can't just simply generalize the accusation; thousands of patrols, raids and searches were conducted last week and one ill-doing must not justify for the halting of thousands of good peacekeeping missions.

Sanity continues to be demonstrated intermittently in the world after all....


Alia said...

It is entirely possible that the false accuser has been closely tracking the Duke/Durham case in NC. And learned some powerful lessons on what to do with the media in order to promulgate a hoax.

MataHarley said...

Think this one's pretty young herself, Alia. That does not, however prohibit the notion that she was directly to use the new Iraqi media to cast a negative light on the gov't.

However, I think the wisest course is to educate the Iraqis right now that freedom does not equate to freedom from riots, crime, rape or corrupt officials. So to put forth that argument, I went for the assumption that the Iraqi officials were guilty. The message remains the same.