Monday, February 12, 2007

Aussie PM - Much ado 'bout nothing....

Australia's PM, John Howard, is busy rightfully standing his ground after criticism of Barack Obama. Like there is little else to whine about in today's chaotic world, media and bloggers alike have seized on the PM's observations as a bone of contention. Even Ed over at Captain's Quarters thought the PM's comments "went too far".

You have GOT to be kidding me!! The Australians are among our greatest allies. We already have enough BS flying thru the so-called news outlets without wasting bandwidth on inappropriate media slapping of our friends in the world, and accusing them of interference in American politics. This is just absurd, and downright insulting.

Frankly, an Australian poster,
The Gay Curmudgeon, to Cap't Ed's comments said it best... and I defer to his retort, in brief, on Cap't Ed's site:

This is an enlightening thread for an Australian who has lived in the US for over a decade. A few points:

1. You either believe in Freedom of Speech, or you don't. If U.S. Politicians reserve the right to comment on anything going on anywhere in the world, whether they are a party to the issue or not, it's hard to credibly deny the same right to politicians in other countries.

snip - finished reading his other points at the Capt's Quarters link above

Nuff said. Can we get on to issues of substance now?

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John Howard: its 'Strawlian for ballsy!