Monday, April 03, 2006

A walk thru the history of terror on US interests

War for Oil
By Congressman Mac Collins (Ret. R-GA), appearing in the Canadian Free Press

Retired Congressman Collins does a stellar job in evoking the history of increasing terrorist attacks against US citizens/interests here and abroad over the decades. About the only thing I can add is it would have been better had he put sidebar info about all the military and intel cuts by Congress while all this was going on....

His link from terror attacks to the title, "War for Oil", is obvious. Can any in the free world afford to have such a massive world oil supply under the control of despots (Saddam) and terrorists (AQ & ilk)?

I never needed a smoking gun for WMD myself. And during the Clinton years, neither did Teflon Bill or Madeline Not-so-Bright. They advocated regime change, but never found the avenue that would allow them to do so with the world's blessings.

Truth is, Bush advanced regime change - but not for oil to benefit the US. It was done to make sure that Saddam was no longer capable of sharing his weaponry (WMD, chemical or missiles) with our enemy.... and it is logically added that we also wouldn't want him sharing his oil, wealth, military or power either.

I was, and still am, glad the man is gone. And I'll wager most Iraqis agree with me.

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