Thursday, April 06, 2006

Conservative rockers hit the cyberwaves

Perhaps one of the good aspects of a so-called "polarized" nation is the more serious re-entry of youth into politics. Mind you, it would be nice if most knew what the heck they were talking about, as in the case of immigration policies, it's history and the recent demonstrations. But hey, it's a start. They are inspired and perhaps it will tear many away from their chat rooms and PlayStations. Their education and thinking process will improve over time... for the more they are involved, the more they talk with others and hear dissenting opinions ... thus becoming more well rounded.

Hey... we can always hope, right?

Too bad that same hope didn't manifest in my generation of youthful dissenters from the 60s.As a young Navy wife, I was angry with their actions then, and today truly embarrassed for their continued progressive march to alter the country. Afterall, most of Congress is filled with those who protested prominantly in their youth. Hillary, Kerry and ilk are just a few examples of those who never did quite achieve that "well rounded" status in adulthood.

I have always said of my generation, "we were great at music, but really suck at government".

Comes a new generation of youth and their own political metamorphasis. And the Right Brothers have discovered that conservatism among youth... heretofore an "against the mold" status... was proliferating. In January 2004, well into the "I hate Bush" era, TRB posted their first song, "Hey Hollywood", on their own personal website. Within 72 hours, there had been 15,000 downloads. Five months later, that total more than doubled.

This was sufficient evidence to suggest it was time for "entire album of songs devoted to conservative, pro-America, right-wing views."

Their slogan, "Truth Disguised as Music", belies any notions that they are just opportunitists delivering tongue-in-cheek humor. Indeed, with the release of the "Bush is Right" video, they are now enjoying increasing popularity... sans old style, traditional "record deals". And one of the biggest linkcontributors are coming from Arianna Huffy-Puffinton's site itself. No doubt there to provide a diving board for even more whining from the party of the disgruntled and vicious.

Good music... you can actually dance to it. It's not filled with lyrics of hate and judgement of the antiwar types, but instead is an incantation countdown of historical current events. All in all, a stellar example of youth, grasping the issues of the day boldly, and speaking their peace with class and style.

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