Friday, March 17, 2006

MSM studiously avoids Iraqi/AQ document release

Declassified Truth Editorial

It may take awhile for the MSM to catch up to the truth exposed in the Iraqi documents. Afterall, with their oh so positive assurance of anti-Iraq/anti-Bush talking points in the past, having to eat their proverbial words in retrospect will possibly tatter the slender thread of credibility they have left. For the arrogant press and partisan Congressmen, I have one large "na na nanaaa naaaaaa" stored up and begging to be released.

That's okay... I'm patient. I've endured almost 3 years of the "Bush lied", "there's no WMDs", and "Saddam had no connections to AQ". I can wait a few months more. That will be about the time the Republican strategists decide to pull the translations out of their hats for the mid term elections.

All politics, all games all the time. Feh....

While I do say I am patient, I can't deny I'd rather have this all over the news 24/7 now, combined with Georges Sada interviews on his book, and topped off with Able Danger and the 911 Commission's deliberate avoidance of it's existence. This country has been led down the dreamers' path for quite some time now for the sole purpose of destroying the Bush presidency. And I know it's wearing and tearing on our troops.

Bottom line, I'd rather get most of the country back on the same page now rather than later. Recognizing, of course, there will always be Bush haters, even when he's proven right.

But at least some outlets are starting to admit the truth in public.

The War On Terror: The government is finally getting around to unloading some of Saddam Hussein's secret documents. A look at just a few pages already leads to some blockbuster revelations.

In the early stages of the war that began three years ago, the U.S. captured thousands of documents from Saddam and his spy agency, the Mukhabarat. It's been widely thought the documents could shed light on why Saddam behaved as he did and how much of a threat his evil regime represented.

Yet, until this week, the documents lay molding in boxes in a government warehouse. Now the first batch is out, and though few in number, they're loaded with information.

Among the enduring myths of those who oppose the war is that Saddam, though murderous when it came to his own people, had no weapons of mass destruction and no terrorist designs outside his own country. Both claims now lie in tatters.

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