Monday, March 20, 2006


How to spot a baby conservative
Whiny children, claims a new study, tend to grow up rigid and traditional.
Future liberals, on the other hand ...

By KURT KLEINER, The Toronto Star

OMG... just about fell over from my keyboard laughing at this one! Just in... wacky, Berkeley study started back in the 1960s. Teachers and assistants evaluating kids' personalities starting in nursery school - I guess prounoucing 3-4 years olds whiney. Wow... what a benchmark observation... Aren't most of them?

They checked back a couple of decades later on the grown up Berkeleyites and their politics. Then made their assessments. The whiners became conservative, the confident became liberal.

Hell... I'd still be whining as an adult if I were stuck in Berkeley! But Alia and I are escapees from the Bay area lunatics.

Let's see. What was their wording? Conservatives grow up to be "rigid" (would that be loyal to their beliefs?) and traditional (a bad word?? Only in Berkeley)

Liberals were "nonconforming", bright (or would that be "lit"? on Marin's largest export), and had wide variety of interests. Hummm.. did they not ask the conservatives about their other interests? Or did they just hang up on the rude people that deigned to form opinions about them so long ago, labeling them whiney.

Eitherway, this whole thing is just plain a hoot. And perhaps even more of a hoot are some of the "Huffing-Puffing-tonites" comments at
Arianna's blogspot. Apt place for this absurd study to be posted - at a blog filled with whiners. But oh! That's a left leaning site, eh?

So much for science. Happy, bright Berkeley baby types obviously become whiners as adults instead of 3 and 4 years of age, I guess.


Rastus said...

I'd give odds that this isn't a considered conclusion drawn from some long-term study at all, but a hastily contrived "rebuttal" of the finding that libs tend to be angrier than conservatives. They know it's true, but can't stand being outed.

Funny, the libs I've known are almost always the ones still wrestling psychologically with their parents, or with some perceived childhood slight or trauma, like my lib neighbor who's still taking his revenge on his father's alleged authoritarianism, while being himself the most authoritarian guy I know. They're the ones who've never worked through their emotional problems, never just accepted that life often isn't fair.

To them, I suggest they hum themselves a little tune, the Eagles' "Get Over It".

MDConservative said...

I must have whined my little ass off then to end up where I am!