Monday, March 13, 2006

Jerusalem Post - Arab "boycott" just lip service

Arab boycott largely reduced to 'lip service'
By ORLY HALPERN, Jerusalem Post

Just a note to all the ports deal naysayers, trying to use Israel as an excuse to mask fear of Arabs in US ports.

Israel and the Jerusalem Post see it differently. And if they do, stop climbing on their backs to make yourself look less a bigoted fool....

The Arab boycott, established by the Arab League in 1951 as an economic tool to hurt Israel, is a dying animal. Ask Aramex.

The company, which provides delivery services around the world, is commonly used by Arab and Israeli companies who want to exchange goods without upsetting any Arab port officials. The company provides customers with US mailing addresses where Israeli products can be sent. It then exchanges the Israeli postalstamped packaging for a US-stamped package and sends it on to its Arab destination.

So while some Arab ports will not accept goods marked "Made in Israel," if you take off the sticker and send it through another country, the deal is done.

"Besides Syria, the Arab boycott is now just lip service," said Doron Peskin, head of research at InfoProd, a consulting firm for foreign and Israeli companies specializing in trade to Arab states.

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