Friday, March 31, 2006

Corrupt FBI Agt, the Mob, 911 and Able Danger

Ah... spring. The sun is out, flowers starting to bloom, and this ol' broad's fancy turns to Able Danger news. Do I need a life, or what? LOL

Actually, I've fallen behind since AD gets so little press coverage. But I turned to TopDog and QT Monster at the
Able Danger Blog for the latest and greatest.

Lo... behold. The most bizarre trail between prosecutors and a corrupt FBI agent hot on the trail to mob connections and murders involving Greg Scarpa Sr is evolving. A mob/murder investigation back in the late 80s/early 90s, a marijuana selling son in prison, 911 and Able Danger. What could possibly link these events?

Able Danger Blog answers the questions entoto. I suggest an eye opening read for you all from these focused bloggers. But the short summary?

Scarpa's son has the prison cell next to 1993 WTC bomber, Ramsi Yusef... who was spilling his guts about terror cells and plans to Scarpa via notes passed thru cell bars. Scarpa was passing the info on to the FBI.

So what's the problem? Accepting Scarpa's "inside intel" as credible rocks the boat on sundry mob cases in progress, as it lends credibility to the son's testimony against the father. So an executive decision is made to bury it... but not before much was been documented by FBI #302 memos,
made available to the public on investigative reporter, Peter Lance's website.

Oh the tangled web we weave....

BTW, I've bookmarked Lance's site for more thorough reading when I can pop my head up from this nonsense called "making a living".

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