Sunday, March 19, 2006

Anti-Iraq protestors - American victims

Nanuet rally rips war in Iraq
By KHURRAM SAEED, The Journal, Westchester, Rockland and Putnam Counties in NY

Man oh man... just don't know what to say here. For such a "polarized" nation, is 150 anti's and 30 pro's all that could be mustered in Hillary's back yard? I guess most of the residents had other, more important things on their platter.

But I 'fess. I feel sorry for these anti's. They are true "victims".

Nancy Tsou, coordinator of the Rockland Coalition for Peace and Justice, which began protesting on Route 59 in November 2002 during the buildup to war, said polls show an increasing number of Americans, as well as troops, want to get out of Iraq within the year.

"This is a war we've been lied into," said Tsou, of New City. "There were no weapons of mass destruction. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. Saddam Hussein had no association with al-Qaida."

Woof... and this is the "leader/organizer" of the event? I personally would have a hard time taking instructions from one so blatantly stupid in current events....

About the only one of those bulletin talking points that has a chance at truth is Saddam wasn't involved in 911. But playing the Democratic word parsing game, her "Iraq had nothing to do..." statement may yet prove to be another lie. We are learning more and more with the release of new documents daily, and who knows if we will find funds provided by Saddam or his Iraqi buds which eventually made it into the 911 terrorist plot kitty.

Lest we also forget. The Taliban didn't have anything to do directly with 911. But they sure gave Osama and buds a home and plenty of help in Afghanistan. No one had a problem with cutting the turban off of the Taliban's grip of power, did they now? If we find, as latest documents are bringing to light, that Saddam not only had WMDs, but was actively funding AQ related groups (Phillipines) and negotiating with bin Laden, that doesn't place Iraq in much a different position than Afghanistan for aiding and abetting the enemy.

Face it. These poor, info-deprived protesters are deserving of our pity. They are quintessential, hapless victims of a media who does not make it easy for the lazy and opinionated to learn or re-learn. You gotta search hard for the truth out there nowadays.

And they are victims of the public educational system because, evidently, they just can't read and discern lies and political talking points from facts when they hear it. Hang.. they don't even know to update them to the latest talking points.

Yessum.... American's to be pitied, these anti-war activists. Uh... yes. I *am* being sarcastic.

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TrekMedic251 said...

150 liberals being led by their noses is all Hillary could bring in?

Ah,.hope springs anew for 2008!