Friday, March 10, 2006

ABC spreads BS thick, asks viewers to "trust them"

Oh my... losing a potential Bush scandal is just not acceptable to ABC apparently. What a headline. Pronounced with certainty and no holds barred.

First it was the not-so-quiet media whispers that suggested Bush's played a key role behind the scenes - engineering the deal between the two foreign entities to profit the Bush family - caring not a whit that he put the US at "risk" for increased terrorism.

Now it's again Bush's doing. That he cared about saving face, and it had nothing to do with the fact that DP World saw the eminent failure of the ports deal thru the Congressional dirty politics and their quite vocal intolerance of Arabs in the US ports.

Give me a break. What is it with these wackos? Is everything on the planet all Bush's fault and doing?

Personally, I can't blame DP World one bit. Dealing with uneducated, biased elitists with too much power at their fingers (read Congress here...) is far more trouble than it's worth. DPW has a business to run. And playing political games with power hungry, self absorbed incumbents who are focused on regaining power in a mid term election is nothing short of a waste of their productivity.

So what's ABC's big scoop?

March 10, 2006 — The White House asked Dubai Ports World, a company owned by the United Arab Emirates, to give up its management stake in U.S. ports, to save President Bush from the politically difficult position of vetoing a key piece of legislation to protect America's ports, ABC News has learned.

When the company announced Thursday that it would sell its management stake in six U.S. ports, it was a stunning defeat for Bush, who had put his political capital on the line to back the deal, ABC News chief Washington correspondent George Stephanopoulos said.


Let's get some facts straight here... something ABC is obviously not volunteering. Exactly "where" or "who" told ABC that Bush called DP World and told them to scuttle the ports deal? They "learned" it... so they say. But where's the source for their screaming headline?

In short... you'll never know. Read thru the entire article.... they aren't identifying a source anywhere in the mix. Whoa... is this a "deep throat" whistle blower situation?

Far from it. ABC is merely playing with their power to "inform"... even if it's lies... and hoping no one will question their presentation. It's a "trust me" deal from a group that has far less viability that the Bush WH will ever suffer. And I for one will NOT "trust" such BS from a news outlet that's evasive, scandal driven and agenda laden. They have, with me, zero credibility.

Show me proof that a call was made, and then I'll believe it. Period. Other than that, it's just another spin of lies, to be followed by the inevitible "mea culpa" that appears later the back pages.

In the meantime, the self-congratulatory back slapping by Congress has me roaring. DP World officially pulled the deal. But Congress is determined to take the credit for thwarting a business proposition that could only play to the US advantage in gathering intel in the WOT. I suspect time may show the mistake as key to future intel failures. We have far too many allies with the ability to sleep with the enemy.

Here it is in a nutshell, folks. The "risk" was overplayed for politics and for politics alone. Congress teamed up with the media for a misinformation campaign with only one thought in mind... discredit the WH and play on America's fear for another 911.

Facts completely belie the Congressional/media thrust however. Business partners depend on each other to maintain profitability. So the notion a UAE company partnering in US shipping enterprises is going to screw themselves and their investment by aiding terrorists to destroy the most coveted marketplace in the world is ridiculous.

But let's not muddy the waters with logic, eh?

But 'splain this to me. If Congress wants the credit to stop the deal so badly, positing themselves as the quintessential national security gurus and watchdogs for Joe Blow America, and if scuttling the deal qualms their fears about national security, then why... if Bush actually DID make a phone call to DPW... is this such a "scandal" in their eyes?

What putzes.... I wish there were elections for journalists, dang it. They are really on my nerves with their chutzpah. Broadcast lies for ratings and headlines, then retract later. Pompous, arrogant asses with way too much power over public opinion, and no accountability but from the extremely wealthy that can survive thru a long lawsuit ... that's today's unethical media.