Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Australia & UAE entertaining free trade agreement

While the US is in an uproar over the P&O to DP World merger, Australia - another of the countries that already deal with DP World - is taking a different attitude. Instead of venting distrust and skepticism towards the Arab controlled company, Australia is entertaining a new free trade agreement with the Middle East hub.

Paragraph two indicates the US is also working on a free trade agreement as well. A fact not being included as part of the port debates, and the US relationship with the Arab state. Fascinating... let's "free trade" on one hand, but "don't touch our ports" on the other.

Dubai: A free trade agreement between the UAE and Australia is likely to be concluded by the middle of this year, said a top Australian official.

The UAE is also likely to conclude another free trade agreement (FTA) with the United States, while the GCC is expected to sign its own FTA with the European Union in May.


The UAE and Australia began negotiations on the FTA a year ago. Australia could become the UAE's third free trade partner following the United States and Singapore.

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gawfer said...

Do you ever listen to Hugh Hewitt?
I generally call in once or twice a week between 4 and 5 to chat briefly. I'm known as Gary from Riverside, simply because I'm commuting thru Riverside at that time. Topic today was this very thing. I suggested that why reward a country that supports the Taliban by doing business in our country. I'm still a little pissed about September 11.
Check out my profile when you can. I posted a pic of my new wanna be... If I can find a buyer for the Beemer. Also, email me off line. I'd like to chat more about this and pick your evo head about it.