Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Patriots Day parade no place for Minutemen??

Laguna Beach Parade Hit by Political Fight

It doth appear that the idle, bohemian wealthy residents of Laguna Beach think a "Patriot's Day" parade is only open to a particular brand of "patriots". And the civilian border patrols known as the Minutemen don't fill the bill.

Now 'scuse my language, but how fucked up is this? They can have a gay men's choir, a peace group and and a day laborer float. But no Minutemen. Oh yes... it's further complicated by the non-profit status of the parade organizers. That non-profit status should be stripped by their refusal to admit this float.

And why don't they want the float? It's too "political". Hey... it's a Patriot's Day parade, you jerk weeds. Trust me, those patriots in our past were VERY political... thank heavens!

California.... are they even part of this planet, let alone this nation??

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