Friday, January 06, 2006

Media & Harley factory tour

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Cheney visits a Harley manufacturing company.... naturally something like these stories would catch my eye. Well, considering the blatant mediocrity demonstrated by the MSM (ever noticed how that word so closely resembles "media"??), I'm happy to say at least one of the media involved exhibited a balanced, newsworthy attitude towards the event.

Monisha Bansal's coverage for the Cyber News Service , and all we see is a disgruntled union perspective by the uninvolved. In fact, the quoted union leader wasn't even present at the event. Truth is, in this entire story, there isn't one perspective from someone who *was* there. It is merely an editorial of America's eroding strength in manufacturing vs the union...

Right. Like that's Cheney's doing and not something that's been ongoing for decades.... Unions, OSHA and environmental demands on manufacturing play the largest role in America's inability to compete with foreign imports not subject to the same stringent regulations. However facts, as usual, do not play into the anti-Bush mentality running rampid thru the press.

Switching now to a second report, we find
GARANCE BURKE's report for the AP appearing in Kansas' Witchita Eagle showing an entirely different version of the same story.

Leslie Delapp, who assembles fenders and shocks, said he felt the Bush administration's policies had helped make his job more secure. Harley-Davidson CEO James Ziemer said the federal government has been a strong ally in opening up Asian motorcycle markets.

"The current administration has helped us to work out several bans and restrictions," said Ziemer in an interview. "Right now we're looking at China as a great opportunity."

Cheney's speech also met with criticism inside the factory, where several workers wearing "Machinists for Kerry" T-shirts said too many Missouri manufacturing jobs had been outsourced abroad.

Well lookie at that... some happy people, some unhappy, choosing to exercise their 1st amendment rights with tee-shirt messages to the veep. All is right in the world in the Harley manufacturing plat. Diverse people creating a fabulous American product, free to speak their peace and doing so with some class.

Might I also add, this news report is of a calibre other journalists in larger, more influential papers should strive to achieve.

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