Thursday, January 26, 2006

EU - Tracking jihadist recruiters a "complication"??

Europe feels militant "side-effect" from Iraq
By Mark Trevelyan, Reuters Security Correspondent

DAVOS, Switzerland (Reuters) - Europe is suffering a "side-effect" of the U.S.-led war in Iraq as militants recruit volunteers across the continent to go and join the insurgency there, the European Union's counter-terrorism chief said.

"It's a fact that in several European countries, the police have had to arrest people who were actively trying to recruit people from Europe to join the jihad in Iraq. That's a complication," Gijs de Vries told Reuters in an interview.

"To keep track of these people is a complication. These are the unintended side-effects of that war. We must live with that reality, and we must do everything we can to limit the risk of attacks in Europe being the result."

Unbelievable.... so sad it breaks my heart. Police have *had* to arrest jihadist recruiters.

Considering the active rise of terrorism over the past decades, jihadist recruiting is far from a new event. Yet now the EU anti-terrorism types are whining that the Iraqi liberation has brought the cockroaches, desperate for freshsuicide bomber blood, out in the open - and considers the tracking and arrest of such lowlifes as a "complication" in their enforcment lives. Break out the violins, please.

I repeat... unbelievable. Maybe they preferred jihadist recruiters were harder to find, eh?

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