Thursday, December 01, 2005

Our Immigration Imbroglio

THANK YOU, Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.! A voice of reason and logic. I'm up to my eyeballs sick of the single-lober "cry" on illegal immigration. They sound like a bunch of harbor seals in mating season.

Both sides in this debate fail to note the obvious. There is a market for immigrants in this country. The President is more cognizant of this than those who would restrict immigration, but turn to consider the market for a minute: 1) producers need immigrants; 2) immigrants are coming here because there is work that enriches them. This market has been helpful to the economy. It is growing robustly and without one of the feared downsides of immigration or even illegal immigration, unemployment. We are almost at full employment, and with two to three times as many illegal immigrants in the country as in the mid-1980s, when Senator Alan Simpson last addressed the immigration issue, that is pretty much proof that the economy can accept immigration and prosper.

The real problem is border security and an orderly society. We need to know who is entering the country, and that they abide by the laws. So Congress is preparing a series of get tough measures. The toughest of which is probably that envisaged by Tom Tancredo of Colorado and J. D. Hayworth of Arizona. Their legislation would deputize state and local police to arrest the millions of illegal immigrants (possibly 12 million) and deport them. Some argue we should somehow drop the arrested immigrants into the interior of their countries. How would this be done, by a gigantic parachute drop?


MataHarley said...

Yup, Alia... those Congressional types do alot of whining. Yet for decades they've dodged the "immigration bullet" in their efforts for the purpose of building up the numbers in their respective parties.

But I too am tired of the BS being bandied about... especially tired of everyone pointing fingers at the WH. The next door neighbor farted... must be Bush's fault, eh?

Personally, I'd love to see a more stringent immigration program tho. The numbers crossing into the border states have increased in the 20 percentile in the past couple of years alone. It's beyond me. So many illegals pining to get into such an evil country... what could possibly be on their minds?? LOL

Alia said...

You nailed it well, Mata.

Frankly, I'm sick of the "seal the border" rants which have come to sound like so many harbor seals in mating season.

There is far involved than merely sealing the borders. I'm fully for the HALTING of illegal immigrants, let me make that clear. But the US must do this "halting" on many levels. Laws, enacted under Clinton admin, have to be repealed and changed. We must have a better working arrangement with Mexico. Chavez has Mexico in its site. Mexico has been run illegally by the drug cartels for too long and worldwide "axis of evil" has been using Mexico to enter the U.S.

And as you say, lol, the US must be so evil that so many non-evil-inclined people are risking their lives to get here.