Friday, December 30, 2005

NSA "Eavesdropping" BS


What to believe, what to believe. Were I one to take the MSM headlines as truth, I would believe that the Cowboy Prez magically became a paranoid dictator, overexpending our stretched intel forces to listen to everyone on the planet, looking for a bad guy.

But... since I'm not one to buy into the NYT, LA Times, Washington Post or Boston Globe with such naivete, here's what I do perceive.

We had an intel gathering method that monitored international-domestic calls (NOT strictly domestic, as the MSM proudly mis-displays...) between the US and those suspected of AQ links. Some blabbermouth traitor decided to "leak" this intel gathering method - years after the fact that Congress had been briefed I might add -
and the NY Times raced deadlines to the presses to expose this old news story to the rest of the world.

And that includes our enemy, of course.

Since the MSM is consumed with "outings" of any kind, it makes sense that this particular "outing" warrant an investigation. Afterall, we've been spinning wheels on the Plame Game for so long. By comparison, figuring out who let out the identity of the busybody/nobody married to what's his name is small potatos. Like most of us give a rat's arse.

But I DO care about who let this NSA cat out of the bag... because it directly affects finding out what the terrorist cockroaches are discussing.

Additionally, something else is bugging the begeezus out of me. A common thread in any "outing" accusation is the media. Period. Names, gossip and conversations amongst an inner sanctum do not make an official "outing". Would you or I, or most especially the enemy, know that status were it confined?

Absolutely not. Fact is, the most dangerous outing is one that is spread to the rest of the world, without regard to who is listening.

Uh... can you say "irresponsible media"??

And that's exactly what the media has done in every single instance... strictly for the sake of circulation, media hype, and some bizarre agenda bent on totally discrediting a sitting President. They toss responsibility and repercussions to the side with nary a thought, publish anything they like... then sit on their haunches, watch the chaos they helped to create, knowing full well they are protected by the 1st amendment bubble.

Does it make you wonder if they do this deliberately since they are immune to the consequences? And oh... by the way... can anyone tell me why that first amendment protection extends only to the unofficial "4th branch of power" and not the one who whispered in the MSM's ear? Why is the media, responsible leaking to the entire world via their information network, not held to task for their part in dissemination of this information?

Where are we now? We can no longer use the NSA program that has been in use in full knowledge of Congress because some press bozo told the enemy how to circumvent it. Way to go, media and associated editors. May I say as an American citizen to all of you... DON'T HELP!

Or, more plainly... PUT A SOCK IN IT! Use the brains you constantly tell us you possess!

I don't believe we always have "the right to know". And I don't appreciate some self-appointed, self-righteous guard of my freedoms, who doesn't risk whit blowing off at the tip of his/her pen, diminishing my country's ability to thwart another 911 because they want fame and notoriety for breaking a story.

Okay... I got that rant off my chest. Now to the news at hand today.

have a US Justice Department probe into the whole affair... all amidst wild cries of foul by the Bush haters and minority powers who concern themselves more with the 2006 and 2008 elections than they do with our national security and an elusive, volatile, stateless enemy who lives in our midst.

Someone puleeeeeeze point out the logic here for me? How far must they look to see who broadcast that info to the enemy? Shall we send the not-so-bright justice department a copy of the NY Times issue that conveyed our intel gathering methods to the enemy? Investigation, my tail....

On the flip side... thank heavens... it appears the MSM and disgruntled minority party of Dems are shouting into the wind, completely out of touch with the rest of the nation. Not only do they tout headlines and talking points screaming "domestic syping", ignoring the fact it monitors int'l calls to and from the US by those suspected of AQ terrorist ties, but they are quick to ignore
polls stating the majority of Americans (64%) believe this intercept to be A-OK in their books.

Considering that none of this stuff is new, was deliberately withheld from the media until an opportune time by the party who "leaked", and in the wake of Echelon under Clinton and the apparent success of a data mining operation known as ABLE DANGER, me thinks the press and Dem party leaders are grasping at a very weak straw for scandal-making indeed.

Insert hysterical laughter here, please...

Personally, I'm fond of an idea by my media hero, Tony Snow, to
to put the whole nut to a Congressional vote. Let's see the Congressional saints put their votes where their mouths are. Will they be willing to put in writing that such spying - already documented as done under previous administrations for decades - is an absolute no no in today's treacherous times? That's a vote I'd dearly love to see....

I can, however, agree with the Dems on one issue... an inherent mistrust of a Commander in Chief to handle this power. Mind you, I don't have a problem with this President and this action. But... do I trust the next administration not to abuse this power?

Can't say as I do. Nor has Congress any right to take the high road on this issue, given their reluctance to release The Barrett Report in it's complete version, a report which may reveal Clinton abuses utilizing the IRS. Clearly not all Presidents are equally dedicated to putting the US's interests above their own thirst for personal power.

No doubt about it. It's a quandry. But, as a possible solution, I'd like to add to Tony Snow's vote idea that will appease my fears .... have a Congressional vote that authorizes Bush to monitor and intercept int'l-domestic calls to and from those with suspected AQ contacts... and have it sunset with the next inauguration!

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Rastus said...

" inherent mistrust of a Commander in Chief to handle this power.... do I trust the next administration not to abuse this power?"

Mata, you have here touched upon my only serious reservation about this program. I've heard various pundits pooh-pooh the issue as a non-problem, but I do believe it is. Can you imagine what Hillary would do with such power? She would almost certainly abuse it, considering the domestic spying and the illegal use of the IRS by the her husband's administration. Rush has dismissed the problem with the observation that she would do it anyway, even after self-righteously doing away with the program officially. There's some validity to that claim, but at least it would be a crime, and if discovered, an impeachable one.

This is a very difficult problem. On the one hand, we want to catch these terrorist cretins, but on the other, we don't want to be sacrificing fundamental rights and civil liberties in order to do it. Freedom has a price, and that price sometimes includes the loss of lives, however much we may wish to minimize that loss. We recognze that in Iraq, why not in the U.S.?