Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Jed Babbin in Iraq

He's there and reporting that Murtha is wrong: The army is not broken.

Further in re the "rating" of the Iraqi Army: " Which means the Iraqi units at Level 2 are equal to or better than the militaries of most of the damned world. "

Military is doing fine in Iraq; what is lagging is politics: "THE BIGGEST CONCLUSION I DREW from the trip is that the Iraqi civilian government lags badly behind the Iraqi army in taking charge and moving forward."

"Democracy in Iraq is still a goal, not a fact. If the Thursday election turns out as expected, it will be only a small step forward. At worst, it will be a setback if the Shia and Kurds turn Sunni rejectionism into an institutional exclusion from key government ministries and parliamentary consultations."

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