Monday, December 19, 2005

Babbin: NSA and Intel Gathering

Mr. Babbin, in details, explains why what the President did in signing orders early after 9-11 is not only LEGAL, but GREAT!

I knew these things, Why didn't the pro's and their hackey voice boxes know these things?

It's pretty clear that NSA's domestic intelligence gathering was -- and is -- legal. But before we get to that, we have to set the context for this debate correctly, which is more than the Times, the Washington Post, or any of the other politico-media will do. We need only two data points to accomplish that.
... and then more facts and history.

The specific program gets reviewed every 45 days. And those screaming the loudest "eavesdropping on perfectly innocent people!" are those WHO have known the facts. Sham game by the Dems? Majorly.

I stand with Jed Babbin on wanting to prosecute the leaks and leakers of intel data.

As I've repeatedly asked those I've engaged with over the Patriot Act -- NAME FOR ME THOSE INNOCENTS WHO'VE BEEN UNFAIRLY TARGETED BY THE PATRIOT ACT. Answer: None.

Dems and Media mouthpieces have been regurgitating "thousands".. but not a single one is able to name a name.

Been tangling also with the "libertarians" who carry a logic on this reminescent of the Feminist SuperBowl Sunday Myths, or the hysteria leading up to and used by feminist to Federalize Roe V Wade: projected hysteria.

Here's the bottomline to those detractors of the Patriot Act: You are girlie men and you refuse to allow portions of your brains to acknowledge law and history. The President is doing his job: Please, go do yours. Unless that is, you've something to hide and this is why you are "fearing" a legal, judicially reviewed process. Or is it just plain "hysteria" which drives ya?

You bet I'm disgusted by the "fearmongerers". Best to button my lip and stop my fingers now before more of my mind and opinions on the "wussies" fighting the Patriot Act slip past my fingers and spill onto printed page....

Those who scream the loudest "stop the war" are those also dragging down every process to bring this war to a sooner end. In the parlance of love, I think we used to refer to this type as "cockteasers".

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