Sunday, July 10, 2005

When logic interferes with agendas

U.S. needs to understand who it is fighting
By John Carlson, King County Journal

It's good to know there is some measure of sanity left in the MSM. And to find it in King County, Washington state... of all places. John Carlson must truly feel isolated with his views, being ensconced in the centre of Northwest liberalism.

Just like a cyclic hurricane season sends global warming activists racing to blame the storms on human and industrial emmissions to promote their personal agendas, the latest London terrorist attacks opened the doors for anti-American activists to place blame for Muslim extremist actions on the liberation of Afghanistan and Iraq. And no amount of logic will dissuade them from their ill-conceived ideals.

Yet Mr. Carlson muddies the waters of the anti's with logic and facts, patiently laying out the obvious for all to ponder, and hopefully, comprehend.

We are making the world a better place for civilized Muslims. And that is what al-Qaida is at war with -- a civilized Muslim world that is not waging jihad on everybody else. That is why they are most ruthless and rabid with fellow Muslims who don't toe the line. The same movement that claims to be outraged at allegations that American guards at Gitmo mishandle a Koran think nothing of blowing up Mosques (and presumably some Korans) in Turkey or Iraq. They have killed far more Muslims in Iraq than Americans.

Case in point? A British Parliament member and too many American electees, aided by the liberal MSM, delight in seizing the London event to, once again, blame Bush and the war in Iraq. Over and over they say our "presence" in the Middle East is the cause of the militants' actions.

We were no where near Iraq or Afghanistan when the Twin Towers were hit. Instead, the military bases in Saudi Arabia, established in the 90s, were named as UBL's beef and justification for mass murder of civilians of all nationalities on 9:11.

But if it is our mere presence in a country, what can be said about the escalating Muslim extremist violence in Thailand, Indonesia and Turkey? Can this also be blamed on a non-existant "American presence"?

What John Carlson "gets", and what is the absolute truth, is that our physical presence outside of US borders has little to do with terrorist actions. We exert a powerful influence just by *being*. If allowed to learn anything of the outside world, oppressed people envy our right to choose our lifestyle, our freedoms and wealth. Our opportunities and promises of productive, happy lives plainly irritates the be-geezus out of fundamentalist Muslims, who label such as "un-Islamic".

The fact is, we need never leave our borders to exert the American influence so bitterly hated by Muslim terrorists. It is enough to merely *know* about our existance. To "be" is enough to inspire and provoke desires in other nations seeking a solid economic foundation, as well as more personal freedoms. When immigrants run, they run to the US and away from oppression.

Thus... Carlson hit it right on the nail head. Terrorists battle the spread of western idealogy - the mere notion that individuals should be free, the right to pursuit of happiness and prosperity, and that even Muslim women have rights. Thereby our enemies and terrorist "targets" should be, and ARE, all of those seeking to create an oppressive borderless state (caliphate) of fundamentalist Muslim faith.

Modern Muslim believers, if not cowering in fear of reprisals for voicing their sentiments, do not embrace such an interpretation of the Koran. Should the world community abandon modern Muslims to the ruthless thugs of the religion just to maintain an illusion of "safety" in their own lands?

To abandon modern Muslims to the terrorists caliphate would only postpone the inevitable. Historical facts prove that oppressive Muslim regimes promote 3rd world conditions for the denizens. Under such conditions, creating a prolific army of suicidal bombers from disenchanted youth is easy. Death looks so inviting to the young when living and the future offers little hope, save that of poverty and misery. Their thug mentality would grow to frightening proportions.

It's about time those granted the power of speaking for the "American people" set aside their own personal anti-Bush/anti-Republican agendas, and stopped bogging the issue down with absurdities that blame western actions for everything the terrorists do. Doing so just legitimizes their murders by sanctioning they had "reasons" for such.

Instead, (in particular) the Senate leadership should commence with a hard look at reality. That spreading a form of democracy and improving the financial picture of oppressed nations is the ONLY way to fight terrorism. And if they don't believe that, they should, for national security reasons and the lives of our troops, have the wisdom to just shut up.

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