Monday, July 11, 2005

In the company of traitors...

The Left's War Against the Military At Home
By Rocco DiPippo, FrontPage Magazine

It's often crossed my mind that having an idiocy test - excuse me, allow me to rephase that as a "minimal educational requirement" - before allowing citizens to vote should be mandatory. Afterall, if someone can't figure out how to use a simple paper ballot, just how well equipped are they to make decisions on issues that affect our nation's future?

Along the same lines of thought, here's another burning question. Just how educated are many protesters on the issues they doth protest, and about the people who lead them? One would think that in a time when so many blindly follow a "cause" because of a feel good mentality, "minimal educational requirements", including knowing the company you keep, before engaging in activities that directly affect our national security is a wise move. What's to say that the leader of a "peace" movement couldn't be an al Qaeda sleeper cell leader in today's climate. The goals are the same... make America vunerable.

Granted I recognize that, for our valued true freedom of speech, some of the risks include allowing segments of citizens (or perhaps non-citizens) to practice their Constitutional right. And often that same right allows them to work overtly and legally to undermine America.

The only defense against those on the Constitutional soap box, busy collecting fertile and impressionable minds to their cause, is education. Education not only to the issues, but to who the players are in the "cause".

Since neither "minimal education" requirement is likely to ever happen, I won't be banking on logic in the land of the free when questioning motivation of some of these movements. But it sure doesn't prohibit me from wishing.

Latest in the anti-American movement are those whose goal is to leave our nation defenseless.. literally... by intimidating and subverting new military recruits. Aided by lawyers, local ordinances, and by rights granted in the US Constitution, they line up and block recruiting locations, taunt and verbally abuse those attempting to cross their picket line and, on occasion, inflict vandalism on federal property.

For a veritible Who's Who walk thru of the big guns behind this anti-US military movement, Mr. DiPippo's FrontPage column, linked above, is a must read. (See also Rocco's blogspot, The Autonomist)

Mr. DiPippo has composed a real eye-opener for history buffs - the key players and some background - all tidily packaged for easy education in a single source. This movement has trails that lead to Medea Benjamin (best known for her linkage to the 1999 violence in Seattle for the WTO meeting) and Leslie Cagen (a 40 year veteran of activities supporting despotic regimes). Their's are just a few of the names appearing on the anti-military marquee.

One of the most intriguing was the "War Resisters League", formed back in the 1920s in response to WWI. Thank heavens they were ineffectual back then, or my comments here would probably result in my arrest or death.

However, they're still at it today - but with a different approach. Race baiting, appealing to uninspired inner-city youth and igniting their hatred for "the rich white man's version of history".

Frankly, I think information such as the leaderships background and political agenda, should be a disclosure to all "peace recruits" prior to them being allowed to tackle issues that can affect our national security.

sigh... there's that wishful thinking again...

Alia? I expect some extra tidbits from you... truly one of the greats for historical perspectives on the behind-the-scenes leadership of these "peace" groups.

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