Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Hillary's plan to silence Internet journalists

A MUST-READ authored by Richard Poe at Comprehensive, synoptic layout of exactly what faces the freedomes of individuals throughout the US in re communications in general and on the internet.

These are the men and women of what I call the Web Underground – pioneers
of Web news who began their work years before anyone heard of the blogosphere, dissident voices who got their message out through online subscription services
such as Prodigy; newsgroups such as alt.current-events.clinton.whitewater; and
later through websites such as,, and, as well as activist message boards such as and

My book, "Hillary's Secret War," tells their story. No one else has told it before.

I have read Hillary's Secret War; and recently finished reading Ed Klein's "Truth about Hillary". Superb books. I find it "cute" that the presses are using the "attacking the woman defense" when in fact if Hillary were a man, they'd say not a thing at all about "gender assault".

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