Friday, July 15, 2005

Discrimination - from cradle to grave

Gay Nursing Home Set to Open in L.A.
Associated Press, from Fox News

America... gotta love it. A country who prides itself on nondiscrimatory practices sanctions a NON-PROFIT senior nursing home dedicated to gay/lesbian residents.

Mind you, let me say up front that any private organization that wants to select their membership based on sexual preference is just fine by me. Marketingwise, the need for it escapes me tho. The notion that sexual escapades as primary conversation amongst seniors just makes me roar! It's not foremost on the minds of seniors I know today. Rather I think that's a fixature more prevalent with the young and their infinitely more active libidos.

But all the marketing wisdom aside, here's the truly offensive truth. If this place is reaping gov't assisted funding and enjoying non-profit status, then it is nothing less than preferential treatment.

Uh... where's the ACLU? Absent, as usual.

Gerard Koskovich, an outreach liaison for the American Society on Aging's Lesbian and Gay Aging Issues Network (search), said Encore House will be the first nonprofit facility of its kind in the nation.

As far back as 1956, there were articles in gay magazines about the need for nonprofit housing for gay seniors, said Koskovich, a historian.

"It's taken 50 years for the social mores to change and for the community to reach a critical mass to start such projects," he said.

Brian Neimark, founder and executive director of the nonprofit Gay and Lesbian Elder Housing, which is building the apartment complex, said the residence will allow gay seniors to live in a safe environment as they increasingly depend on outside care.

"What has had to happen for many older adults is that they've had to go back into the closet to get the care they need," he said. "This would be an environment of tolerance and acceptance."

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