Thursday, June 09, 2005

Democrats: An emerging pattern

Sure. Everything can be written off to the gunman on the grassy knoll. Or coincidence. But there is an emerging pattern which incorporates some of the usual past tactics of the left.

Recent "Old" Pattern: Three crosses burning in Durham, NC (KKK flyers found at one); Durham, and Community leaders are demanding money to "knit" their black/white community together; and to mentor wayward black youths.

New Patterns: (2) Howard Dean going off the rails about "WHITE Christians" comprising the Repub Party; If any, but mild "dissent" from Dean by other leading Dems. Mild dissent. "Howie, you are not HELPPPPPPING....". Oh yeah he is. This pattern here, I call the "intraining.. followers, please try to connect with what we are doing at the big levels, pls -- pick up your courtesy phones" part of the wheel.

Barbara Walters shares her dismay at having sit next to a nursing mother on a plane; 500 Lactivists show up to protest Walters.

Do I think Barbara Walter and Dem Leadership are growing.. conscience and/or a decorum-sense, changing their stripes? NO.

No, no... Faux Outrage, and Faux Civility are tools being used by the left. The use of these tools creates an echo, if not a following for them. Dems are attempting to create the Upswell for the "new morality" movement.

Dems will only ask Dean to step down; but only if he is no longer useful to them. Point in fact, he still is.

A quote which buzzes my brain every time I see or hear or read about one of these newer "blips", I hear Hillary Clinton:

I am taking something from you for the common good.

Ah yes, The Peoples' 'PUBLIC. You know.. *THAT* common "good".

What is Dean "holding back on" for the common good? What has Barbara Walters just "held back on" for the common good?

Cross burnings in Durham? I doubt that will be readily solved. I suspect these burning crosses were set by a "composite". We may not discover the media "truth" for 30 years. "I am taking something from you for the common good... shhhhhh"

Looked at another way, the phrase can mean: I'm going to not be entirely honest with you, like I usually am, but only for the "public" good. I have seen other evidences and patterns of the phrase "taking .... for the public good". A stance and spin tool all in one.

And in looking at the stories which the media IS opting to report on (versus other stories).. I see the pattern completed, fueled, and the ensuing results. It appears part of the new Democrat Strategy is to make "victims" of their own followers. Ahem. For the public good.

And Dare I? The "Deep Throat/Felt/Woodstein Matter". All those massive and varied conspiracies surrounding the identity of the Watergate Deep Throat! I drank Watergate, many yars ago. It had to be a composite. But! The Usual Alliance of Democrat Party and Media.. hmm.. Are they Taking Something From Their Followers... FOR THE PUBLIC GOOD? Something to watch for... Yep.

A man who illegally tapped "liberal FREEDOM FIGHTERS" (sarcasm off) is being made into an "icon" and "hero" of the left. Yeppers, I'd call that TAKING SOMETHING FROM THE DEM VOTER BASE... "for the common (public) good."

Watch for it...

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