Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Spoiled children exercise freedom of speech

Students picket military recruiters
Protesters don't want them at schools

No surprise this happens in Seattle, a liberal bastion of NIMBY residents. College and high school students evidently were never taught that their freedom to not only express their own will to fight for America does not include a right to decide for others. They picketed outside an Army recruiting station, attempting to intimidate anyone why may have wished to enter.

"Nobody is getting in here!" said the bullhorn-wielding Marlo Winter, a Seattle Central student who helped organize the protest. "That means nobody can be recruited while we're here!"

Their beef? Recruiters' presence on America's campuses. Their reasons? Fear and a pervasion NIMBY attitude. They relish their right to protest, but know not the price of that right.

Would these same spoiled brats, coddled by freedoms won by the blood shed by previous and current generations, also be so quick to expel say the ACLU or Muslim extremist groups recruiting for jihad suicidal bombers? Not likely.

What's most frightening is to realize this is America's future leaders. Makes me quite happy to be in the twilight of my time here on the planet.

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