Thursday, April 28, 2005

Iraqi's... welcome to democracy

Iraq Reaches Landmark as Government Formed
By Luke Baker, Reuters, Baghdad

Iraq is moving forward with the formation of a democratic based government. And, to the rest of the world, the progress is simply not fast enough. Amazing... it takes quite a while to develope constitutions, elect officials, stage elections.... especially in a country under despotic rule for decades. To state the obvious, Rome was not built in a day, and neither will Iraq be so.

What I find most interesting is already the Iraqis, per this article, have similar gripes about their elected ones as I do about ours.

Delays in forming the cabinet, caused by disagreement over the allocation of ministries, had undermined many Iraqis' faith in their leaders. The drawn-out talks also erased much of the optimism created by the elections and spurred the insurgency.

Undermined their faith in their leaders? Well, welcome to democracy!

What's deliciously ironic about this is the assembly vote was 180 to 5 for the approved cabinet membership. Wow... considering we can't get the US Congress to even vote on whit, this is nothing short of a miracle by comparison! The Iraqis have no idea how good they have it.

The power spread is held by the majority Shia, with strong Sunni representation as well. Seven of the cabinet members are women.

The vote came down on the 68th birthday of Saddam... what a coup.

Iraqis have their hands full dealing with the country's terrorists. Already they have assassinated a female legislator in Allawi's party and two interior ministry officials.

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