Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Get a grip....

Five Muslims to Sue U.S. Over Border Detentions
By Andrea Elliott, The NY Times

This stuff makes me ill.... Words that come to my mind? Hypersensitive, intolerant, unrealistic and inflammatory.

It's a new age of terror, folks. We've all had to endure some inconveniences somewhere. I know I've been detained, patted down multiple times when flying. And it is especially important to pay attention to border crossings.

And frankly, because it's extremist Muslims committing the violence that brought all this on, it makes perfect sense to profile based on that reality. Get a grip. To do anything else may appear PC, but it's absolutely a waste of resources and taxpayer dollars. We know who the enemy is. And they are fundamentalist, violent Muslims.

But exactly what harm or damage have these Muslims "suffered" by their "detention" that warrants a lawsuit? A time delay? Horrendous....

Do notice, of course, the ACLU is right there. Wha? Were they flying with them on the plane, anticipating action upon reentry? Geeesh. These ACLU lawyers are like cockroaches in a warm, moist climate. They come out of the woodwork with the slightest provocation and the casting of merely a shadow in the light.

Personally I'd like to find a lawyer who'd take a class action suit against the ACLU for driving up my taxes with their constant frivolous law suits for people like this. Think I could find any takers in the legal field? I doubt it.

You need to read this BS for yourself. Click on the link above. Feh...

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