Thursday, April 28, 2005

The best reality show ever!

U.N. Figure Threatens Retribution
If His Legal Fees Are Not Paid

BY BENNY AVNI, The New York Sun

I've refrained from posting on the OFF scandals and the apparently less than forthcoming Volcker report. Frankly, it's like trying to catch a photo of a bolt of lightning, or predicting Rocky Mountain weather which changes by the minute. A new slant, another disgruntled involvee, and more "sheeeeet" hits the fan before I can hit the "publish" button.

What is truly the most amusing aspects to this story is how it is evolving. Could the writers of "Another World" weave a more complex plot line?

  • The scandal investigators are now being investigated.

  • Kofi didn't know... but wait, he did!

  • The UN auditor clearing the OFF top official of any misdoings is resigning for obvious reasons.

  • The pious Canucks are being sucked ever deeper in the scandal.

  • Clinton impeachment defense teams are reuniting... this time on opposite sides of the fence.

  • And now, we have the head of the OFF program threatening to sue the UN for his legal defence fees.

  • There's no doubt that it's a profitable time to be a high profile lawyer with international connections. And people think soap operas are entertaining?? LOL

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