Monday, April 25, 2005

Another bennie from the Iraqi War

Libya sees US military ties

The anti-Iraq action types are reticent to admit benefits the world has derived from ridding that country of Saddam. Not long after the toppling of Saddam, Gadaffi had yielded Libya's WMD program, and promised compensation to the victims of terrorist attacks carried out with the aid of Libya participation.

Now.. another bonus.

Tripoli/Cairo - Libya is prepared to revive its military links with the United States that came to an abrupt end in 1970, the official JANA news agency reported from Tripoli on Monday, citing a statement from the Foreign Ministry in the Libyan capital.

The ministry was responding to remarks from a US general regarding possible joint US-Libyan military maneuvers and ultimately co-operation in fighting terrorism.

"These remarks are an expression of a new point of view and it is known that Libya and the United States have common military aims, such as the fight against terrorism and every form of extremism," the Foreign Ministry statement said.

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Mr Bob said...

You know how the liberals like to say the war is all about oil? I say not its not, but it is a part of it. Lybia not only gave in because of our agressive posture but because they got tired of not selling enough oil and watching their equipment sit there and get rusty. invites freedom too.
Hey THANK YOU for the blog roll mention.

MataHarley said...

I agree completely, Mr. Bob. Oil does play a part, and should. Would we not go to war if denied our basics to survive? Water? Food? Energy is no different than food and water. It is necessary for our survival.

But that's an insightful comment inre Libya and their oil sales. Hadn't thunk that one up! LOL

BTW, you're welcome for the blog roll mention. It's well deserved, for you do have a good site and great commentary. But I defer your gratitude to the wonderful Alia. She is the maintenance queen of sea2sea, and is the guru of links and appearance. She chooses well, as is fitting with her extraordinary taste and perception.