Monday, April 18, 2005

al Jazeera - the new children's network

Controversial Arab satellite channel
al Jazeera tries to go global

BY WARREN P. STROBEL, Knight-Ridder Newspapers

Well now... won't this be a test for us all. Do we know how to bury the hatchet and extend another chance? Did al Jazeera learn the lessons of not blindly reporting everything AQ has to say, and demonstrating a discerning sense of moral values?

Then again, could we not say the same problems plague many of our own networks? How often are we embarrassed at our own MSM and their choice of presentation and programming?

How many of us have to give a slight nod of acknowledgement when we hear the Muslim world attack our values based on our televised programming? Certainly America's plot lines or language have irritated us all at one time or another. On occasion has to ponder what level of mentality we as a nation are propagating with shows such as Jackass, Fear Factor and Frustrated Housewives... This is truly not the "best of us".

I guess we will all have to reserve judgement on the al Jazeer "children's hour" until we see the programming.

DOHA, Qatar - (KRT) - Al Jazeera, the Arab satellite-TV network best known in the United States for broadcasting Osama bin Laden's videotapes, is starting a children's channel.

The network is reaching to transform itself from a bad-boy upstart that has enraged both Arab governments and Washington to an international media presence on a par with the British Broadcasting Corp. and CNN.

The most ambitious project, al Jazeera International, a global English-language channel, is supposed to begin broadcasting before year's end.

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TrekMedic251 said...

An al-Jazeera children's channel???

Hmm,..."hearts and minds," Mata, "hearts and minds."