Thursday, March 17, 2005

You wanna Leave Hell-A?

The talk in Los Angeles is the talk of getting out

Fed up with traffic, crime and skyrocketing housing prices, a growing number of Los Angeles County residents say they plan to move away within five years, according to a survey released Wednesday.

Chah! Let's not mention CRIME nor the fact that with the Democrat-created budget crisis in CA, uh, police expansion to nip criminals in the butt are, like, um, stalled. But DON'T mention that. Not in the article nor on talk radio. And especially don't mention that police, fire and public official PENSION ACCOUNTS are on the line, as screwed up by CA Dems. What an incentive to go over and beyond the line of duty, no?

Oh. And San Francisco weenies wanna outlaw guns and propose gay marriage. As the solution.

My Irish Eyes are indeed Smiling at this Risin' of the Moon.

Nah, I don't want good people to be hurt. But, the bad ones just keep on making a mess of things. Yes, they have waged war on the California Taxpayer, but have called it "tolerance" and "sensitivity" and "social justice".

AG Lockyer will not get the nod. Phil Angelides has been building his war chest to run for Governor for many years.

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