Tuesday, March 22, 2005

UAE says "great times in Arab lands"

Mass movement is accelerating the process of revolution
By Youssef M. Ibrahim, Special to Gulf News

The liberals hate to hear such glad tidings of Arab revolution towards democracy from the American GOP, the WH or the minority conservative MSM. So perhaps they'd rather hear it an Arab newspaper... the United Arab Emigates Gulf News, to be exact.

Rather than get in the way of what is so beautifully said by Mr. Ibrahim, I only offer a stirring exerpt from the opening paragraphs, and suggest you read in it's entirety at the link above. Read, and let your hearts and spirits soar with the possibilities of a future where terrorists are hunted down and hated by the world en toto.

These are great times in Arab lands. In multiple countries millions are daring to imagine a future radically different from the past. Imagination is a dangerous thing, thrilling and infectious.

When it runs amok, revolution is never far behind and from the shores of Tripoli to the Gulf of Arabia, it appears indeed revolution has landed.

Just a few weeks ago, would anyone have possibly imagined in Lebanon the sight of Syrian soldiers packing jeeps, armoured cars, shutting down so-called intelligence offices, tucking tails between legs, rushing out in the darkness that precedes dawn?

It is more than imagination now.

It is happening. (snip)

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