Thursday, March 03, 2005

Scream Therapy and the Ward Churchill Saga

The Hawaii-Reporter, billing itself as "Freedom to Report Real News" carries an excellent article (sent to me from Adriana) authored by Salena Moffat of Arvada, Colorado who "really is an American Indian."

I need some serious scream therapy.

The latest in the Ward Churchill saga is a full-page ad taken out in the Boulder Daily Camera by 200 University of Colorado faculty members (note that they didn't take it out in a national paper -- we wouldn't want any prospective parents of students that live in Iowa to see our true colors, now would we?).
The University of Colorado at Boulder is in serious, serious trouble.

Betsy Hoffman, the president, is now under investigation, going back 5 years.

There was a sex-for-recruitment footbal scandal, there were at least 2 alcohol-related deaths of undergraduates, and now this Churchill business.

Selena Moffat then posits some very serious "what ifs":

Churchill gained tenure in one year, without a doctorate, when it normally takes six to seven years and a doctorate to achieve tenure.

I can't help but think:

If a student submitted a plagiarized thesis, that student would be thrown out of whichever institution he or she was attending.
If a man passed himself off as a legitimate medical doctor, and it was later found that he had never, in fact, received a Ph.D. of any kind whatsoever, that man would be jailed and compensation would be ordered for his victims.

If a man or woman claimed African American blood on their job application and were then hired based on Affirmative Action and were later found to be not only white but a former member of the Ku Klux Klan, what do you think would happen to that person?

I can smell the smoke from her fire of an article. Dynomite!

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