Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Hillary -- To the Right, Pls.

Richard Vigilante authors a fun article on Hillary -- in re the "Values Voting Platform".

"Richard," she said rather impatiently, "as usual you have missed the point entirely. Hillary doesn't have to do anything. All she has to do is talk, make some warm fuzzies toward the family agenda and she's got a good shot at breaking off the two percent she needs to win."

"People aren't that stupid," I declaimed, in my most stirringly populist tones. "You can't play against type just by talking."

Uh, yeah -- you can play against type just by talking.

Contrast the above Hillary Scenario with this:

SAN FRANCISCO -- A judge ruled Monday that California's ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional, saying the state could no longer justify limiting marriage to a man and a woman.

In the eagerly awaited opinion likely to be appealed to the state's highest court, San Francisco County Superior Court Judge Richard Kramer said that withholding marriage licenses from gays and lesbians is unconstitutional.

The Judge, Judge Kramer, is a "Catholic Republican appointed to the Bench by a former GOP governor."

Okay, now for my pithy analysis. The "gay marriage" issue will be seen, many years from now as a mere fad, a passing "ism". Like so many other liberal nostrums before it. Taking the longview, it is important to win the war; the battle will resolve itself.

Take for example ROE V Wade. It will remain on the lawbooks. However, the culture has moved on. The culture has witnessed the destructiveness of this law -- from its outright murder of millions of babies -- to its usurpation of constitutional law PLUS the politicking by special interest groups overbearing upon like-minded political party legislators.

The hard part? The desire to see the United States righted in our own, personal lifetimes. Wanting to see it whole and intact and on the right path before we die. In our lifetimes. While these battles must be fought and addressed, some people can take the attitude that if one is not using their energies to win this battle -- there's no point.


The point in fighting the battle is the maintenance of free speech -- and in process, upholding the tenets of the BofRights.

The thornside is that in CA the majority voted FOR the definition of marriage as being between a man and a woman. So, in this regard, they are rightly seeing their constitutional rights as being usurped by a judge.

What can I tell you except what I know? I know that the race is not always to the swift. I observed Prop 187 (repealing illegal immigrant "rights" to free access) passed by a majority and overturned by a Dem Judge. What have I seen since? The chaos. 9-11. The war at the borders and the massive amounts of illegals entering the country and locating all around the US.

What else do I know? Gavin Newsom, Mayor of SF, is not very bright. He's certainly gifted in activist rulings; but overall, he's no great mover and shaker. And he certainly does not uphold the rule of law or show respect for anyone different from himself.

Sometimes, I think, one must destroy the village in order to save it. Sometimes, I get so weary, I think that too. Should gay marriage become the law of the land in CA -- several things will happen. First off, the majority of states are not going to allow the interstate commerce laws to be used to promote gay marriage in the other states. Therefore, many gays will leave the other states for California.

What else is in CA? Massive quantitites of illegal immigrants. Let the gays pay for 'em. And since most of the illegals are coming from a traditional Roman Catholic background, watch the fireworks.

I sound snooty? Nah. I'm tired. Every single time I observe CA "happenings" from this distance, I recognize a death wish for the state in everything Democrats do and say in CA. Dems overregulate everything. Vote in massive money takes for themselves and their allied "unions". They adore every stupid "environmentalist" wacko ruling which comes down the pike.

And so. The lesson, in years to come, will ensure that no one anywhere will ever attempt again, anything the CA Dems ran up the legislative pike. In re Presidential Elections (and local): Republican candidates need merely point to CA as the example of what they stand against.

Democrats are assuring the economic destruction of California.

Sometimes, ya just gotta hand them the anchor.

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TrekMedic251 said...

Let Hillary blather all she wants. People like us will catch her in her web of lies and show her to be the neo-Socialist that she is!