Saturday, March 05, 2005

Davos/WEF: Bill Clinton with Charlie Rose Tape: What I saw/heard

I wish I had time, again, to either fully transcribe the interview at Davos or listen/view again. I'll give it my best shot, here.

I stopped the tape just as they were getting into "China". I wished I could have stopped here and there/ Nonetheless, what I have in quotes is a fairy close approximation of what I heard. Or, I have summarized.

In beginning, a great deal of current affairs subject mixing/connecting with "Tsunami".

Lots on Millenium Development Building. (found an interesting link via search to describe a perspective of "Millenium Development Building: The Millenial Generation

AIDS. Fascinating. BC thinks we are not doing enough; however, BC is "hopeful" in re US approving in mass producing of generic (AIDS/HIV) drugs. "If a country asks, we go in". Appears, countries are NOT asking us to come in; but BC thinks we are not doing enough.

CR: A sense of Tsunami.

BC: "Movement for BAM." [does he mean... CDC's BAM ?

Back to Tsunami

BC: Global press did a great job. What is critical is 6-9 months, what then. Biggest threat is: Absense of clean water and sanitation. Government needs to do more in re medium to long range, and contributions to long-term reconstruction.

BC: South America hurricane. Had the money to help but Congress voted the money had to spent within 2 years, so it didn't happen. (My question: If So American Gov HAD contracted the work within the two years, would that have worked? Or actual dollar spent in two years. What he's implying is obscure to me.)

World Leaders

BC: What we try to do in these smaller meetings, a smaller version of the UN meetings -- is focus upon SPECIFIC ACTION ITEMS, items PARTICIPANTS CAN DO.

Insert more Tsunami stuff: but then this:

BC: We need to transform giving in re the Tsunami from a one-time to possibly REGULAR CONTRIBUTIONS [my note: monthly? Via PayPal?) to countries.

For example: After Tsunami, US Government listed 36 firms (12 for longterm) that folks could donate to. BC: "How am I going to keep score -- how many people I've helped".

Millenial Development Building (again).

CR to BC in re Iraq:

"World would be better off having a world representative in Iraq -- to connect the people of Iraq to its neighbors."

AND THEN!!! BC DANCED A WHOLE LOOP. What he thinks would work in Iraq? "Quotas in government" by Religion. I'm not kidding. Say, the Kurds and Shiites vote. They SHOULD HAVE A MORAL OBLIGATION (key phrased, used by BC multiple times in this context) to REPRESENT THOSE "NOT IN POWER".

BC: Draft the [Iraq] Constitution -- so that ALL RELIGIOUS groups would be represented in "power".

Again BC, in re upcoming Iraq election: "The good part is if they Do Right By Those Who Couldn't (wouldn't?) vote! (My take is that the Shiites and Kurds, in BC's example, should not vote their own conscience but rather VOTE for those who they don't agree with.)

IRAN comments. -- I heard too, what I've read as posted in this thread.

BC: IRAN IS THE MOST PERPLEXING COUNTRY. IT IS THE ONLY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD WITH TWO GOVERNMENTS. They've had 6 elections where progressives win. The problem under this constitution? The "leadership" can scratch the candidates who are the choice of 70% of the people. [my take on his words? He was saying: Those icky Religionists].

BC: The Real Worry: What if the people representating a small portion of Iran DECIDED to sell nuclear weapons to terrorists. The "Religious Counsel of Iran" is NOT SHUT DOWN.

BC: Ergo, make Iran in the image of "National Greatness". No sanctions whatsoever, equal parity with the Super 8 on global scale. If there is an image of National Greatness.. they won't go back to the pilfering of weapons.

And the rest was a kazoom on the whole voter issue of US November 2004.

I didn't notice a single time Charlie Rose tossed a HARDBALL at BC. So much for "hardball" MSM. It all went into the gameplan the Democrats and Globalists have planned out, already, and Charlie Rose obviously knows the song and dance. The quota thing really struck a nerve. All those great countries BC refers to? Germany, France, blah blah -- ALL ENACTED QUOTAS IN THEIR GOVERNMENT ELECTIONS in the 90s, and with The Clinton Administration's Help. Women were promoted to office (whether or not they were qualified; this caused a great deal of conflict within those countries. So much for "peace by any means". Snort.). The numbers game.

BC came across as obsessed with numbers; but not necessarily productive results -- just those kinds of results which make a nationalist quota-monger look really good among fellow socialist states and people.

I hand it to him: He can dance a dance. But his meanings are very clear once the "scholarship" verbiage is melted away.

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