Tuesday, February 01, 2005

When Hill Dems attack

Insight Magazine has a counterpart analysis to Tannen's article:

In a pre-emptive political strike before President Bush's State of the Union address, congressional Democratic leaders laid out not only their collective criticism of administration policy and agenda going into Bush's second term, but also displayed the clearest signs yet of their post-election political strategy.

Pelosi opened what has become the annual Democratic pre-State of the Union address by calling for the pursuit of policies "consistent with the values we (as a country) cherish" and a plug for the House Democrats' "core values for a strong and secure middle-class platform,"

There's more on what Pelosi/Reid have to say, in this article. Let me close this post with the final paragraph:

The Democratic address was also not lacking in its own purely partisan attacks. "I can remember watching Ronald Reagan ... I was mesmerized by his speaking. I recognized that I was watching what he was saying, not hearing what he was saying, because he was so good," said Reid when asked about what he expects from Bush's address. "I don't think that's a danger we're going to have Wednesday night."

The Dems still don't get it.

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